Member testimonials

Dan's Testimonial

I love boxing and have been going to boxercise , I am looking forward to trying out the new boxing station at Group Fitness. This year I have just completed my first half marathon not bad for a 60 years old. Great way to make friends and great fun.

Steve's Testimonial

I joined in the classes and loved them, the atmosphere is what makes it work, everyone in there is at a different level however, it does not matter as we are all working to help each other. That's what makes group training great.

Cameron's Testimonial

I go to Ian's Curcuits, I run and have just completed the Robin Hood half marathon

Mark Hodgkinson's Testimonial
Mark Hodgkinson

Its a fantastic place to get yourself fit, With friendly staff and customers I love it. I love spin and circuits and its done wonders for me.

Jayne Swift's Testimonial
Jayne Swift

I first came to Group Fitness with an aim of getting fitter and healthier……  I was a bit dubious.  I have been to other gyms and leisure centres and was not comfy and felt like I was being watched and judged and compared against and generally felt like I didn’t belong. . . . . .

The pricing is great too.  as a start I just paid per class again no commitment just in case but then as my enthusiasm grew I just pay monthly again no commitment either.

So I started with just 2 classes a week to see how I got on and how I felt.   Then I had the odd PT with Ian to give me some one to one support and assistance and moved on from there.

10 months on I now. . . . . . . . . . .

Attend a class 6 times a week.   I do spin classes twice a week.  I have dropped some poundage and also melted some of my love handles away too!!!!

I have never been to a fitness centre where you are welcomed for you and supported for your personal achievements not what society dictates what you should be doing

Everyone here has there own journey and goals and every supports each other with vigour respect and friendship! !  ! 

All of the instructors are approachable and helpful.  if I cannot do a move tell them and there is another options to choose from, no bother.  everything is adaptable so you are capable of achieving anything!  

Even when I am swearing at them during class it makes them happy that they are being listened to and it makes me feel good to know I can work hard in a safe environment amongst friends!

Long May It Continue.  I meet new people with new journeys and we go on at it together and for each other. 

Many thanks for coming into my life.

Booby Brown's Testimonial
Booby Brown

I love spinning and these new bikes are a fantastic set-up, what's more I am going to be able to track my performance with the on board computer. This year I have completed 3 races where bike riding was the main section. Spinning helped me get to the level of fitness that I needed.

Martin's Testimonial

I joined my first group exercise class a few years ago and the thing that struck me was how many different age groups there was and how friendly everyone is. Not only do we workout together we socialise and go to events as a team. I recommend Group Fitness.

Abbie Leivers's Testimonial
Abbie Leivers

Love keeping fit and love all the classes, who ever said fitness was not for them should try out Group Fitness , One class any type and you will be hooked. 

Christine Simmons's Testimonial
Christine Simmons

Just what I needed, great fun great classes and what more great results.

Thanks to all the group fitness team!

Sarah's Testimonial

I love keeping fit and I love working out in groups its so much more fun that running on a treadmill or working alone. Team work brings the best out of me, I have got fitter and made some fantastic friends.

Sue's Testimonial

I love box circuits and I love boot camp, the sense of achievement when you finish and you get home is unexplainable. To put it simply its just great fun, you meet new people and you get fit. What more can you ask for.

Kayleigh Simmons's Testimonial
Kayleigh Simmons

I joined circuits with my mum, great fun and my fitness has gone through the roof. I have never run before but so far this year I have completed two X runner events, Wild water and Wild thing. I am hooked.

Mary Lamb's Testimonial
Mary Lamb

I joined GFitness, with an initial goal to lose rweight and gain some fitness to help improve my running times.

But this place has become more than just a place to exercise; I’ve become great friends with lots of members and the staff too.

My favourite classes are Studio Pump, Kettlebells, Boxercise and Spin, but all the sessions are great fun.

So far I’ve accomplished a 3 stone weight loss and I’ve smashed more than 10 minutes off my 10k personal best in running.

John Wilson's Testimonial
John Wilson

What a great concept, I have been going to classes for 3 years and through their guidance I have found a new lease of life.

This year I have taken part in six 10k race's including Survival of the Fittest. I still love to wear PINK shorts but hey that me 

Anne's Testimonial

I love the new boxing station and the TRX, I never tried it before but wow what a different type of workout and the results are fantastic.

Dean's Testimonial

I started going to combat and aerobics with my wife, no coordination and no balance, 3 years on I still have no coordination or balance but I have fun and I have lost 17lbs in weight. People I have not seen for ages comment on how slim I look. I never though I would enjoy fitness this much. What's more I can now run.