Security policy

Protecting your private information

When you join online with Group Fitness we protect your private information. Your credit / debit card details are not stored on our server, infact those details never hit our server during the processing of your membership. 

Group Fitness operates a high-grade (AES-256, 255 bit key) SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol payment system to ensure confidentiality and to ensure that sensitive data is protected during transmission over the internet.

Group Fitness works hard to remain a reputable and trusted online retailer. The Comodo SSL certificate you see when joining online or logged into your members area (logo/padlock symbol) is proof of our continued commitment to protecting your privacy and keeping your private information secure.

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Comodo provide futureproof security and instant trust with your visitors and customers by employing Comodo’s business validated SSL certificate, Comodo SSL. Among the most affordable and inclusive SSL certificates available today, Comodo SSL is 2048-bit ready and includes the patented Corner-of-Trust trustmark to instantly build trust with consumers. The included trustmark has all of Comodo's exclusive technologies that invite visitors to interact and validate identity and further build trust.


Why choose Comodo SSL?

Comodo is the Higher Certificate Authority. Dedicated to keeping our customers one step ahead, we have ensured that Comodo SSL is 2048-bit ready to keep our customers safe for the next 20 years. Comodo SSL customers do not need to worry about vulnerable 1024-bit certificates and can rely on Comodo SSL certificates to keep their website secure for years to come.


What Does SSL Do?

SSL, and its newer incarnation Transport Layer Security (TLS), encrypt and decrypt data so that it can be transmitted securely over the Internet. When SSL is used in combination with HTTP, you get HTTPS: a secure way for a browser to access a website. Over HTTPS connections, the data being transmitted between the client (i.e., the browser) and the server cannot be read or manipulated by others. Obviously, this is imperative when any kind of sensitive information is being communicated back and forth.

Note that SSL is not just for securing HTTP connections. It can be used to add security to many types of protocols, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Also, in the case of HTTPS, the browser and server will decide whether to use SSL or TLS for the communication.


What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a type of public key certificate, or digital certificate, that ties a public key to an identity. The key is used by the encryption/decryption process. The identity in the case of HTTPS is a domain name.



We decided to use Stripe as it is the easiest way to accept credit / debit card payments online. Stripes security is also their highest priority.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and has in turn been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. You can confirm their certification in Visa's registry of service providers.

Stripe is also a participant in the PCI Security Standards Council.

By using Stripe, Group Fitness completely avoids handling sensitive card data as mentioned above, and keep our systems inside the PCI scope. Group Fitness are PCI compliant.

For more information about Stripe and its policies, please check out: 

What our members say

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Mark Hodgkinson

Its a fantastic place to get yourself fit, With friendly staff and customers I love it. I love spin and circuits and its done wonders for me. Read more.

Dan's Testimonial

I love boxing and have been going to boxercise , I am looking forward to trying out the new boxing station at Group Fitness. This year I have just completed my first half marathon not bad for a 60 years old. Great way to make friends and great fun. Read more.