Group training

Group exercise training is where like minded individuals whom all have a similar exercise goal come together in one location for a specified period of time, with one or two trainers to complete an exercise class. There are group exercise training classes for beginners, mums and bubs, women only, the super fit and mixed. There are myriad of choices, you just need to find the right one for you.

Group exercising under the guidance of a trainer can be very beneficial for both the individual and the group, primarily because you receive constant encouragement and motivation. Generally, when an individual trains by themselves, they can fall into the habit of loosing motivation, forget to push themselves to the next level or quite simply "skip corners" and only do half as much as they thought they would. When people start working out as a group their stamina increases and the group itself encourages and pushes individual members to achieve their goals.

Group training is less expensive than training one-on-one with a personal trainer. Often people join a group exercise class as it helps them commit to an exercise routine. Group training can also assit with your physical and mental wellbeing.

So, what are you waiting for, give group exercise training a go. You will not only increase your fitness, but you will find companionship by making new friends and laughing along the way.

What our members say

Sue's Testimonial

I love box circuits and I love boot camp, the sense of achievement when you finish and you get home is unexplainable. To put it simply its just great fun, you meet new people and you get fit. What more can you ask for. Read more.

Mary Lamb's Testimonial
Mary Lamb

I joined GFitness, with an initial goal to lose rweight and gain some fitness to help improve my running times. But this place has become more than just a place to exercise; I’ve become great friends with lots of members and the staff too. My favourite classes are Studio Pump, Kettlebells,… Read more.