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At Group Fitness we believe that personal training should be just that - personal.

We will work with each client individually to devise realistic sets of objectives. Each training session will be tailored to individual goals & needs. Regular sessions and checkpoints will ensure the client is on track with their training. With a range of training options available there really is something for everyone. These sessions can work around the client and are typically 1 or half an hour long.

If small group training is something you are interested in then we can arrange that too.

All personal training session last 1 hour and cost £20.00.

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Our personal trainers

Ian Painter

I have worked in the fitness industry for 7 and 1/2 years. I am qualified to REPS level 3 advanced… 

  • 7.5 years experience

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What our members say

Sarah's Testimonial

I love keeping fit and I love working out in groups its so much more fun that running on a treadmill or working alone. Team work brings the best out of me, I have got fitter and made some fantastic friends. Read more.

Booby Brown's Testimonial
Booby Brown

I love spinning and these new bikes are a fantastic set-up, what's more I am going to be able to track my performance with the on board computer. This year I have completed 3 races where bike riding was the main section. Spinning helped me get to the level of fitness that I needed. Read more.