12 Months On

As you will agree and see from the pictures we have come a long way from the run down warehouse to the studio we have now. Its now a vibrant clean and fun place to be. We now hold over 50 Classes a week tailoring everybody's needs. We at Studiozone Fitness hope you've enjoyed the first 12 months and continuing to improve your fitness in the years to come.

What our members say

Dan's Testimonial

I love boxing and have been going to boxercise , I am looking forward to trying out the new boxing station at Group Fitness. This year I have just completed my first half marathon not bad for a 60 years old. Great way to make friends and great fun. Read more.

Mary Lamb's Testimonial
Mary Lamb

I joined GFitness, with an initial goal to lose rweight and gain some fitness to help improve my running times. But this place has become more than just a place to exercise; I’ve become great friends with lots of members and the staff too. My favourite classes are Studio Pump, Kettlebells,… Read more.