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Indoor Cycling at Group Fitness

At Group Fitness we have a purpose built section called the Indoor Cycling zone. Currently we have 16 brand new state of the art Indoor Cycling bikes. And we are not stopping there we will be introducing new classes to the timetable and early in the new year we hope to introduce Virtual Cycling.

Virtual Cycling will run separately to the class based lessons where that will be teacher led. With virtual Cycling you can turn up get on you chosen bike and follow the instructions on the screen, whilst winding down the many roads, paths and tracks that are on the screen. What does this mean for the PAYG and the members, it means more variety and it means that you can spin virtually any time the club is open outside the teacher based Cycling classes.


Indoor Cycling is less intimidating than you may think.

Don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from trying an awesome workout! Remember that anything new is always scary. No matter what you do, the first time is always a little bit more intimidating. People come in all the time who are really nervous and 10 times out of 10, they walk out and say, that was great fun! 

At first group fitness can be intimidating; that's why at Group Fitness we pride ourselves on making your experience very comfortable from the moment you walk in. Also, Group Fitness

are done in a dark cinema type environment with just a light on the instructor and a large screen with great visuals. This allows you to sit back back into your own world and not have to worry if people are looking at you or what they're thinking or if you're doing the same thing as them.


Bike setup

When you first walk into class, find your instructor and have them help you get set up properly. That way you're not playing guessing games with your bike. Your seat height is important. You want to be in a position where you can get proper knee extension, but you don't want to be so high that you have to actually reach down to the pedals when your hips are moving in the saddle. You should also feel comfortable with your handlebars. You don't want to have them up so high that your shoulders are around your ears, and you don't want to have them down so low that you have pain in your shoulders and back. And watch the distance between your seat and your handlebars. I always tell my riders to take your feet to three and nine o'clock. Your knees should always be positioned directly over your forefoot.


There are three positions on the bike that you'll use every class. 

First position would be sitting in the saddle, just riding as you're seated. Second position is when you stand upright. And third position is when you actually bend forwards and reach out over the handlebars. This activates your core.


Expect a vigorous workout

Every (typically 45-minute) class is different, but you're going to get a hardcore workout no matter what. The upside is that you'll feel great when you're through and you'll probably have fun doing it. "There will be a warm-up, and within the ride, you can expect different paces. The class is always paired with music so you'll have fast songs where you're pedaling more intensely and slower songs are for uphill climbs.


You can always go at your own pace

Just because the instructor says to crank up your speed or resistance doesn't mean you have to if you're not ready.  The instructor is there to push you, but you should always know what your personal limits are. So, when you come into a spin class, a good thing is just to be able to follow instruction and do the best you can do. You're in a room full of people where no one's actually looking at how fast you're going or if you're actually turning up the resistance.

Just enjoy the ride and check out the results. 

What our members say

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I love keeping fit and I love working out in groups its so much more fun that running on a treadmill or working alone. Team work brings the best out of me, I have got fitter and made some fantastic friends. Read more.

Martin's Testimonial

I joined my first group exercise class a few years ago and the thing that struck me was how many different age groups there was and how friendly everyone is. Not only do we workout together we socialise and go to events as a team. I recommend Group Fitness. Read more.