Lindsey Roe

Start now and make a difference !!!

I am a qualified level 2 fitness instructor. I love teaching a variety of classes for people of different levels of fitness.

So whether you are just starting out in the fitness world, or you have been training for years, and like to be pushed to the limit !!! There is something for you.

I teach to the levels of fitness that I know people can work too, and get the desired fitness levels that people aspire to.

My specialist classes include :-

I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Lindsey Roe's experience

5 years experience


Lindsey Roe's classes

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Martin's Testimonial

I joined my first group exercise class a few years ago and the thing that struck me was how many different age groups there was and how friendly everyone is. Not only do we workout together we socialise and go to events as a team. I recommend Group Fitness. Read more.

Mark Hodgkinson's Testimonial
Mark Hodgkinson

Its a fantastic place to get yourself fit, With friendly staff and customers I love it. I love spin and circuits and its done wonders for me. Read more.