20 20 20

20 20 20 is a class split into 3 parts. 20 minutes of a conditioning or interval based studio class. 20 minutes of Indoor Cycling and 20 minutes of an abdominal / core workout. Something for everyone in this varied class suitable for all fitness levels.


What our members say

Booby Brown's Testimonial
Booby Brown

I love spinning and these new bikes are a fantastic set-up, what's more I am going to be able to track my performance with the on board computer. This year I have completed 3 races where bike riding was the main section. Spinning helped me get to the level of fitness that I needed. Read more.

Martin's Testimonial

I joined my first group exercise class a few years ago and the thing that struck me was how many different age groups there was and how friendly everyone is. Not only do we workout together we socialise and go to events as a team. I recommend Group Fitness. Read more.