About Group Fitness

Group Fitness is split into to areas, indoor spinning with a minimum of 16 top quality spin bikes that have on board computers that show, calories burned, heart rate that is determined from the sensors built into the handle bars, distance traveled and speed per kilometer.

The studio will have varying types of classes catering for beginners through to hardcore users. More spin bikes will be added in January taking the number up to 27.

The main functional studio will have a center peice of a floor that is 80m2 of 20mil rubber matting, great for absorbing preasure during workouts. The floor will be coloured with different zones making workouts more interesting as each section will offer a different experience. The main floor will have a further 10 meter edging that will also be used during classes and will be primerally used for the heavier functional kit. Within the main studio we have built a boxing zone that contains 5 different bags allowing members a full array of experiances. Housed next to the boxing station is an 8 peice TRX frame, designed for suspension training.

The main studio also doubles up for group classes. .

Group Fitness is unique the variety of kit has been designed to cater for all fitness levels. We want members to have fun, we want members to be able to develop and more importantly we want members to get results. The design of the club has been carefully worked out to ensure that members get a full interactive training session.


Why Group Fitness?

Ian and a group of friends have trained together for some years now, mainly working out in groups, therefore it was a natural progression to look at designing a studio that would be purpose built and using Ian and the groups in-depth knowledge would meet every requirement catering for all sections of group exercise.

In the past 12 months Ian has run outdoor boot camps and no matter what the weather every Sunday a group of people will turn up and train, this ethos has now been transferred into the Studio. The camaraderie between the members is the most important aspect, no matter what your fitness level the studio is there to help you achieve your goals.

Over recent years Ian has become a Boxercise, Spin and Circuit instructor and due to the nature of the classes they are always fun, they get you results, you meet new people, and you want to push yourself to new levels.

Group Fitness decided from the off that we would like to cater for all group based fitness activities, therefore we have designed a studio floor that can be used for Aerobic style classes, Pump, Combat and many more. The Spinning Zone has 16 bikes each with built in computer feed back letting you get the results as you travel. In 2014 we hope to add another 9 bikes and an in house virtual spin, therefore offering a variety of classes at all times of the day. Group Fitness is based on fun, results, team work, inspiration and perspiration. Participation is key and therefore we will be encouraging memberships from 16 upwards.

What our members say

Anne's Testimonial

I love the new boxing station and the TRX, I never tried it before but wow what a different type of workout and the results are fantastic. Read more.

Dan's Testimonial

I love boxing and have been going to boxercise , I am looking forward to trying out the new boxing station at Group Fitness. This year I have just completed my first half marathon not bad for a 60 years old. Great way to make friends and great fun. Read more.